John Gollings: Eye For Architecture

Eye for Architecture journeys into the world of cutting edge architecture in Australia and the Asian region through the lens of renowned architectural photographer John Gollings. When it comes to winning awards or major contracts, a Gollings photograph can give an edge to an architect’s design. It is an attention grabbing, inventive, strong twilight shot: the hero shot with a slightly exaggerated wide angle. It can turn an ordinary building into art.

Moments In Time

Since the dawn of time, man has drawn history by visualizing the world. From cave paintings to modern-day photography, we have captured our history from Moments In Time.

Photography is a never ending quest, as the world around us is constantly evolving with cultures constantly changing, cities rapidly growing and land retreating to the sea, what is here today might not be there tomorrow. Following the creative process of Elia Locardi’s, one of the most recognized travel photographers of the 21st century as he journeys to the most beautiful and hidden locations around the world learning their cultures, social issues, and ways of life to immortalize the history of today. Combing the thrill of exploration through Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and the Philippines, to Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, and The Czech Republic.

Master Class

Exploring connections between modern day artists and their relationship to China’s cultural history. Featuring a new artist each episode who journeys into a master class to understand a discipline of their art; which has shaped the artist they are today.

Understanding the symbiotic relationship between pop-culture and traditional Chinese cultures through Music, Poetry, Kung Fu, Printing, Painting, Food and Lego.

Tracing Heritage

Having lived abroad his entire life, host Harry Yuan is back in China, travelling across the country to trace back his heritage along the mighty Yangtze River. He wants to see how this aquatic life-blood provided sustenance to communities and gave rise to settlements that have transformed a nation.

Buffy Sainte-Marie: A Multimedia Life

Buffy Sainte-Marie, as one of the most influential Aboriginal figures in recent historic times, is undisputedly a gifted performer and songwriter, a role model, an innovator and a respected educator and activist. She has written hundreds of songs, scored numerous films, established educational initiatives across North America, was a regular on Sesame Street, pioneered in the early digital platforms both musically and visually, received a medal from Queen Elizabeth II and won an Academy Award. Yet, until now, there has never been a major written or visual documentation of this multi-faceted human being.

Singing In The Wilderness

Singing in the Wilderness takes place in a utopian mountaintop village of Southwest China. Ping and Sheng are two idealist young Miaos that belong to an ethnic minority known for worshipping nature, freedom and spirituality.

In the 1930s, western missionaries brought Christianity. Since then, the beautiful voices of a Christian choir singing classical European hymns prevail the mountains. But then, a Propaganda official accidentally discovers the choir and decides to turn it into a national sensation.

Piano To Zanskar

Facing his future in retirement, “sitting in deck chairs and eating lemon drizzle cake”, 65 year-old piano tuner Desmond O’Keeffe decides instead to take on the most challenging and perilous delivery of his four decade long career: transporting a 100 year-old Broadwood and Sons upright piano from bustling London to the remote heart of the Indian Himalayas.
Setting off from his Aladdin’s Cave-like workshop in the quaint Camden Town district, and enlisting the help of two young and eager apprentices, Desmond’s ambitious destination is a primary school in Lingshed, Zanskar. At 14,000 feet above sea level it is one of the most isolated settlements in the world.

Aided by a team of local Sherpas and a motley crew of yaks and ponies, the trio’s various convictions are tested as they cross sheer mountain passes of breath-taking beauty, coming in direct contact with a different way of living – a world on a brink of change, filled with equal measure serenity and hardship. If successful, the expedition will be the highest piano delivery in history, but more importantly, it could become the ultimate gesture of music’s universal power: bridging cultures, inspiring strength and bringing joy.

The Man from Mo’Wax

James Lavelle played his first DJ set at 14, launched pioneering record label Mo’Wax at 18 and released the genre defining UNKLE album Psyence Fiction at 22. His phenomenally rapid rise seemed limitless, but it’s only when you’re going so fast that the wheels fall off.

 The Man from Mo’Wax tells the remarkable story of one of the most enigmatic yet influential figures in contemporary British culture. Unearthed from over 700 hours of footage including exclusive personal archives spanning three decades, we get the rare opportunity to watch a boy become a man in the world of music.

The Path to Shaolin

The Path to Shaolin follows Tim Mrazek to the Songshan mountains in China, where, he travels deep inside the heart of Chinese Kung Fu to the Shaolin Temple.  But the pull of East and West has changed many things at the Shaolin temple, more than either can expect.

Will Tim Mrazek be accepted as a non-Chinese Shaolin Master?  What is the true meaning of Shaolin Kung-Fu in the 21st century, and is there a place for him in it?