The Path to Shaolin

The Path to Shaolin follows Tim Mrazek to the Songshan mountains in China, where, he travels deep inside the heart of Chinese Kung Fu to the Shaolin Temple.  But the pull of East and West has changed many things at the Shaolin temple, more than either can expect.

Will Tim Mrazek be accepted as a non-Chinese Shaolin Master?  What is the true meaning of Shaolin Kung-Fu in the 21st century, and is there a place for him in it?

Future of Fashion

The fashion and clothing industry has developed into a system of “Fast Fashion”. Every year, 100 billion new items of clothing are produced. A third of them are never worn, and end up shredded, burnt, or in landfill. The fashion industry is also responsible for 10% of the global CO2  emissions. Things need to change, but how?

Five future fashion pioneers work on making their industry future-proof. Their ‘fashion of the future’ stretches far beyond sustainability alone. They also force us to look at new notions of beauty and the role that clothing plays in our lives. These fashion innovators are showing ways to change and to lead us out of the deadlock.


Ever since he shocked the world in the 1980’s with his entirely black designs, Japanese fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto has remained at the forefront of the fashion industry. 

Since coming back from the brink of bankruptcy, his clothes have gained newfound attention, especially from young ‘fashionistas’. In Japan and other Asian countries as well as the rest of the world, social media is awash with images of his looks, a refreshing departure from the increasing “uniformity” of fashion today. 

However, at 75 years old, Yamamoto, the original rebel in black, who considers himself not as an artists but a craftsman, contemplates how to continue this craftsmanship in his beloved Japan as he feels it has been replaced by cheap and fast fashion.

Following Yamamoto during his 2018 collection, ‘Rebel in Black’ is an exclusive behind the scenes look into his creative process, revealing the timeless philosophy underpinning his works. After more than 40 years of rebelling against fashion and form, will the master craftsman be able to pass on his exceptional talent and skills to his young Japanese protégés and are they ready?

Craft a Destiny

China’s rapid growth has seen it rise to become a leader in fashion and the arts. Craft a Destiny presents the stories of Song Huaigui, Zhu Zheqin and Liu Wen, pioneering women whose passion and creativity has helped redefine the nation’s art and fashion landscapes. Song Huaigui was a fashion trendsetter, introducing the contemporary concepts of fashion to China. Zhu Zheqin is a musician and was the first artist in China to release a record internationally since the 1940s. Liu Wen is a bonafide supermodel, having graced runways all over the world, and was named in the Top 5 highest earning models by Forbes. In this film, their trailblazing stories are told and explored, revealing their struggles and how they overcame them to put China on the map.

Transmitters of Heritage

China is one of the fastest growing countries in the world. In an age of rapid urbanisation, the guardians of its traditions are striving to protect a culture built on centuries of customs through food, art and everyday life. Transmitters of Heritage presents stories of seven individuals who come from varied walks of life – from entrepreneurs, chefs, opera instructors to horse herders, these are the luminaries protecting the future of their heritage for the coming generations.

The Last Ring Ladies

Change is coming to the heart of Borneo. We follow Peluk Anak Apeh, the last of the famed Bidayuh Ring Ladies, as the construction of a dam drives her from her ancestral home in the world’s oldest rain-forest to a modern settlement. Peluk struggles to adapt to her new environment and longs for the vanishing world she left behind. 

But her new life also brings new opportunities: A famous local fashion designer, Miss Leng Lagenda, discovers Peluk and the Ring Ladies, she creates a Ring Ladies collection. Leng travels to Borneo to meet Ring Lady Peluk. Together they embark on an astonishing journey of personal discovery with the mission in preserving the Ring lady Heritage. Together these two very different women introduce the unique culture of the Ring Ladies, through fashion, to a modern world.

Westwind: Djalu’s Legacy

Djalu Gurruwiwi is an aging elder in a line 60,000 years long who is running out of time to pass on the Yidaki Songlines entrusted to him for the future of his people, before it dies with him. His sons and community, struggling to come to terms with the consequences of colonisation, are lost. When Djalu breaks with tradition to try and save it, world famous musician Gotye becomes an unexpected family member and helps heal Djalu’s sons and amplify his songs to the world.

Sonita is a Travelling Swallow

An 18 year-old Afghan girl, Sonita has become an online sensation as a rapper. She’s a refugee in Iran.

Now, she’s fighting to avoid being sold by her parents as a bride for an amount that some would call a pittance. Living under the protection of a non-governmental organisation that supports refugees, she has formed a rap group with friends and begun using her songs to proclaim her desire to live the way she wants.

Then, success in a music contest thrusts her into the spotlight.

Secret Tribes

They speak in their own language, practice unique rituals and follow strict laws. They share common values and are driven by a unified goal. These are the common characteristics of tribes throughout history.