For the Love of Shakespeare

Imagine a group of students from an isolated school in a remote mountain in China, with no access to the outside world, totally ignorant of the English language – reciting the sonnets of William Shakespeare. Follow them as they learn the classics through an ancient Chinese method of recitation, practicing diligently for a grand English speaking competition – where over 1000 Chinese children will for three hours, fluently and without pause, recite Shakespeare’s verses.

Born Again Buddhists

Krishna taught it; Plato believed it; Freud rejected it. Through the centuries, great minds have been fascinated, entranced or troubled by one powerful idea: reincarnation. As bizarre or supernatural as it sounds, reincarnation is still a living practice and a very real way of life in the last Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan where young reincarnates are still recognised everyday.

Art in the City: Dubai Walls

Art in the City – Dubai Walls is a documentary about sixteen of the world’s greatest street artists armed with spray cans and stencils to conquer Dubai’s art scene. In just 20 days personalities like Ron English, D-Face and ROA turn a public shopping area into a never-seen-before open air gallery. The camera follows each one of them during preparation and realization of their murals with a vivid insight of the artists’ techniques and their ways of working.

All Things Paper

A six-part series, All Things Paper is dedicated to “paper maestros” from Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, Denmark, England, Scotland and America. These “paper maestros” are constantly redefining the traditional usage of the humble paper and taking it one step further with their ingenuity and amazing visions.

A Weaver’s Tale

The Yakans are the traditional settlers of Basilan Island in the Southern Philippines, famous for their art of weaving. Their skills have been handed down from generation to generation, and the intricate designs of their fabric are said to be based on their dreams. Get to know the Yakan women as they endeavour to preserve their vanishing art – challenged by a chronic conflict environment and increased modernism – and continue to weave a rich and colourful tapestry of life stories.