The #1 food writer and television host in the world, Anthony Bourdain reinvented the food travel genre. In his groundbreaking first series, Bourdain travels around the world indulging his taste for local cuisine and eccentric characters.

From Tokyo to Oaxaca to dozens of other places, Chef Anthony Bourdain journeys across continents and oceans in search of exotic local delicacies, some of which are legendary and dangerous.


Lamalera is notoriously known for its traditional whale-hunting. This ancient hunting technique, passed down generations, is the main livelihood of the village. The perspectives of four locals are followed; Kris, a 15 year old girl attending the local high school, Karolous, a seasoned harpooner, Ignacious, a respected ship builder, and Sister Maria, a Catholic nun. They each welcome us into their world, exploring their daily lives. The audience will gain an intimate first-hand account of one of the last indigenous whaling-cultures in the world, revealing how all aspects of life in Lamalera is shaped by, and linked to their traditional whale-hunting.

Tears of Tito

Trauma psychologist Iva Bicanic travels through the land of her parents, the former Yugoslavia, in search of stories of resilience and hope. In Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Bosnia she sees the remains of the country that President Tito held together.

What is left from that time? And what is the perspective of youth?

World of The Chinese

China is playing an increasingly important role worldwide. Under President Xi Jinping, substantial investments are being made in connections and cooperation, and industrious Chinese are settling abroad in large numbers.

In these series “The World of the Chinese”, documentary maker and China-expert Ruben Terlou seeks Chinese who choose a life abroad. Who are they, what do they want to achieve and what impact does their presence have on the local population?

Blind Love

Diving into the dating game, single blind millennials are on a mission to be recognized for who they are – they don’t want pity, they want a serious relationship. Is Dating Different When You’re Blind?

Moments In Time

Since the dawn of time, man has drawn history by visualizing the world. From cave paintings to modern-day photography, we have captured our history from Moments In Time.

Photography is a never ending quest, as the world around us is constantly evolving with cultures constantly changing, cities rapidly growing and land retreating to the sea, what is here today might not be there tomorrow. Following the creative process of Elia Locardi’s, one of the most recognized travel photographers of the 21st century as he journeys to the most beautiful and hidden locations around the world learning their cultures, social issues, and ways of life to immortalize the history of today. Combing the thrill of exploration through Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and the Philippines, to Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, and The Czech Republic.

Welcome To Unity

WELCOME TO UNITY is a story filmed by a group of exchange students and local American teens. These exchange students sink their teeth into rural Oregon, while becoming the stars of their high school football team, and simultaneously learn to live the “American Way.” A light-hearted, teen angst film that voyeuristically illustrates that adolescence is a universal experience.

My Classic Car

Featuring classic automobile shows and collections, in the United States, Canada and United Kingdom. With appearances by celebrities and prolific car collectors such as talk show host Jay Leno.

Master Class

Exploring connections between modern day artists and their relationship to China’s cultural history. Featuring a new artist each episode who journeys into a master class to understand a discipline of their art; which has shaped the artist they are today.

Understanding the symbiotic relationship between pop-culture and traditional Chinese cultures through Music, Poetry, Kung Fu, Printing, Painting, Food and Lego.