I’m Not a Murderer

What happens when you are convicted of a crime you didn’t commit? Who do you turn to when no one will listen? What if there is evidence to prove your innocence but your legal options have run out?

Making an Exoneree follows the dramatic and emotional journey of sixteen undergraduate students at Georgetown University. These students will re-investigate five possible wrongful conviction cases in a ground- breaking course led by professor, Marc Howard and New York State Exoneree Marty Tankleff.

Driven by a passionate commitment to justice, the students dedicate their last semester in college to finding the truth.

The State of Texas Vs. Melissa

State of Texas vs. Melissa explores the life journey of Melissa Lucio, the first Hispanic woman to be sentenced to death in the state of Texas. For over ten years she has been awaiting her fate, and now faces her last appeal. No one had ever seen Melissa be violent towards her children, yet she was blamed for the daily abuse and subsequent death of her two year-old daughter, who died from blunt head trauma. Set in the heart of the Latino community of South Texas, the film takes a look at Melissa’s broken childhood, her adult life plagued by poverty and prejudice, and the miscarriage of justice Melissa faced, from the court appointed attorney who willingly set aside evidence, to the District attorney who used her case to help his re-election. 

State of Texas vs. Melissa is the portrait of a woman’s fight against an entire system.

Vinnie Jones Toughest Cops – Season 2

Vinnie Jones introduces this series of films in which we shadow the police in some of the world’s most dangerous locations. We have full access with cops from eight countries, spanning six continents as they go about policing some of the toughest areas.

US Bounty Hunters

US Bounty Hunters takes you inside, up close and personal, on the craziest bounty hunting chases . Ride along with Fred The Enforcer, Denise The Huntress , and their team of Bounty Hunters as they track down some of the US’ hardened criminals.

Undercover Asia

This award-winning investigative series goes undercover to expose the secret underbelly of Asia. Through these in-depth documentaries, we explore stories of crime, violence and injustice. Stories include hunting down pedophiles working in Cambodian orphanages, revealing the secret organ trade in the Philippines and exposing monks behaving badly in Thailand. Find out the untold stories lurking within these diverse Asian societies.

The Search for Tristan’s Mum

This groundbreaking documentary is about Tristan Dowse, an Indonesian child, illegally adopted and then abandoned two years later by his adoptive parents in an Indonesian orphanage.

Investigative journalist Ann McElhinney travels to Indonesia to try and find his natural mother, who is unaware of the international storm growing around Tristan. McElhinney’s investigation exposes the baby selling network and also raises disturbing questions about international adoption.

This emotional documentary of high and low points gives an insight into how some international adoptions are organised and how the role of money and corruption plays a big part in this process.

Silent Screams

Silent Screams is an eye-opening and emotional series that tells the stories of women who have experienced violence and abuse – from psychological, sexual and violent abuse in the home, to so-called ‘honour killings’ to horribly scarring acid attacks. It reveals the true impact of violence against women on the victims themselves, their families, their children and even the perpetrators who commit these crimes. These revealing and impactful documentaries will make you look at violence against women in a whole new light.

The Hunt for the Mad Trapper

In the summer of 1931, a mysterious man appeared seemingly out of nowhere in the Canadian Arctic. After purchasing supplies in a local village he disappeared into the desolate landscape and spent the rest of the short summer building a cabin and preparing for winter. Six months later, local Aboriginals reported to the RCMP that they believed the mysterious Trapper was vandalizing their trap lines. Several officers were dispatched to the Trapper’s cabin to question him about the complaint. In an attempt to talk to the Trapper one officer knocked on the cabin door and was shot without warning.

Hostile Environment

From the glamorous French Riviera to drug smuggling, money laundering and piracy in The Seychelles and onto the diamond mines of poverty stricken Liberia in West Africa, actor Liam Cunningham (Game of Thrones) goes behind the scenes of the secretive world of the International private security industry in some of the most hostile environments in the world.