Xpedition China: The Search for Shangri-La

Over the centuries, Shangri-La has become synonymous with any earthly paradise, and particularly a mythical valley in the highlands of China where people live in a utopian paradise.

Former NFL player Keith Neubert embarks on a dramatic road trip through China on his Harley Davidson motorcycle on a quest to find the truth behind this legendary place.

Ultimate Freedive: Great Barrier Reef

World champion freediver Marina Kazankova is on a mission, to free dive the Great Barrier Reef.

Capable of holding her breath for 7-minutes at a time, Marina travels to the iconic reef, swimming with turtles and giant groper, diving on ship wrecks and through awesome caves, all on a single breath of air.

Capturing each challenge in glorious 4K, this series brings you face to face with the very best of the Great Barrier Reef’s corals and creatures.

Hell or High Seas

Hell or High Seas follows U.S. Navy veteran Taylor Grieger and writer Stephen O’Shea as they embark on the adventure of a lifetime — sailing around Cape Horn, in the world’s most treacherous ocean waters.

The documentary is a moving portrait of a veteran using his own painful journey with PTSD to find healing for himself, and to pave a smoother path for veterans returning to civilian life.

From director Glenn Holsten, producer Chayne Gregg, and executive producer Robert Irvine, HELL OR HIGH SEAS is an adventure film with a deep, universal message about perseverance and hope.

Access All Areas: Erebus Motorsport

Meet Erebus Motorsports enigmatic owner, its brazen CEO and its rowdy, but focused team as they start their bid for the 2020 Championship looking for a win at the street circuit in Adelaide.

Come behind the scenes and Access All Areas as we follow the incredible 105 day journey of one of Australia’s most interesting and beloved sports teams as they fight to win, not only on the track and in pit lane, but also as they help Australia and the world fight the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Crossing the Line

The East African Safari Classic Rally is a legendary nine day event which sees man, woman, and machine push themselves to the extreme to race 5000 km across the untamed East African wilderness.

Widely considered the world’s toughest classic rally, it also uniquely captures the spirit and nostalgia of rallying in its heyday featuring classic cars from pre 1985 with over 40 racers competing against the back-drop of the mesmerising African landscape.

Featuring a global entry list from all walks of life, there is one thing that unites them – an unquenchable passion for the glory of racing and the challenge of Africa.

Mama Irene: Healer of the Andes

Mama Irene, Healer of the Andes, is the story of a remarkable 84 year old Shaman (Healer) from Peru who draws upon indigenous knowledge and traditions in danger of being lost forever. This film is not only a vital document of endangered wisdom; it is also a story about Women empowerment and a testament to living harmoniously with Mother Earth.

Rudy Maxa’s World

Welcome to Rudy Maxa’s World, the ultimate travel experience with America’s leading high-end travel expert. Join Rudy Maxa, public radio’s original Savvy Traveller and contributing editor for National Geographic Traveller magazine.

Scotland Ocean Nation

In this visually stunning and captivating series, we join world record stand-up paddleboarder and veterinarian Cal Major on an epic 800-mile ocean adventure around Scotland’s wild, dramatic and unforgiving coastline. We explore our human connection to the sea through the people of Scotland whose lives are intertwined with the ocean, and learn about the vital role our ocean plays locally and globally in the climate and biodiversity crises. From Cal’s stand-up paddleboard, we meet the creatures that call the ocean home, from the tiniest starfish to the largest apex predators, and dive into the stunning underwater world to discover its hidden riches. Through Cal’s deeply emotional and heartfelt adventure, we are transported to the wild and stunning Scottish coastline, journey tirelessly through the wind, waves and weather, through exhaustion, elation and awe, and make some shocking discoveries along the way.

Tough Trucks

In this mini series we explore some of the most unique and hard-core truck journeys on the planet. Destinations in the six part series are Iceland, Guatemala, Turkey, Morocco, Ethiopia and Russia.

Our hosts take a series of truck journeys across these lands exploring the many fascinating cultural, natural and historical sites along the way, including unique geological locations in Iceland, ancient Mayan sites in Guatemala and rarely visited Silk Road destinations in Eastern Turkey.