Action! Kids

Action! Kids is a competition show where young contestants tackle various film making challenges. Competing in teams of two, each episode presents a new challenge to completed and an elimination round where one team will be sent home.

Action! Kids keeps the competion fun, exciting and energetic as these young people battle it out to the end.

Dream Listings: Byron Bay

The property market in Australia is amongst the most expensive and competitive in the world. But, while Sydney and Melbourne tussle for the title of Australia’s number 1 city, the jewel in the crown Down Under, especially for the A-list, is none other than Byron Bay. In this glittering 8 part observational documentary series, we follow a group of the region’s premiere property agents selling the Australian dream – as they hustle for the best listings and rub shoulders with the rich & famous to land the big money sale. With properties routinely fetching north of $10m, that’s well in hand.

Piri’s Tiki Tour

Piri Weepu was a pro rugby player for 16 years and chalked up 72 tests for the All Blacks. He may now have retired from rugby. But he has found a new passion in diving, hunting and the great outdoors.
In this series, Piri takes us along for the ride as he visits travels around Aotearoa meeting hearty, local characters as they guide him through what they do best. Diving, hunting, fishing and general foraging about the place.
‘Piri’s Tiki Tour’ is a unique, grassroots ’catch ‘em and cook ‘em’ style series that highlights a wide range of activities. White baiting on the Arahura River to hunting weka on the Chatham Islands, trout fishing on the upper Tongariro River to diving for kina in the Far North.
At the end of each excursion, Piri and his local guides enjoy the fruits of their labour with a meal. The series showcases the beauty of the environment we live in and Piri gains invaluable insight and a new found appreciation for the simple things and the place we call ‘home’.


The #1 food writer and television host in the world, Anthony Bourdain reinvented the food travel genre. In his groundbreaking first series, Bourdain travels around the world indulging his taste for local cuisine and eccentric characters.

From Tokyo to Oaxaca to dozens of other places, Chef Anthony Bourdain journeys across continents and oceans in search of exotic local delicacies, some of which are legendary and dangerous.

Green Heroes Series 2

Green Heroes Series 2 has a new group of heroes who acted on their ideas and boldly ventured forth to address the environmental crisis. Each episode explores a different theme to showcase innovative solutions around various environmental issues. The Green Heroes of Series 2 includes musician and record producer Daniel Lanois, author and conservationist Farley Mowat, and award-winning environmental activist Sophia Rabliauskas.

Green Heroes Series 1

Green Heroes showcases the remarkable stories of people who acted on their ideas to address the environmental crisis. Our Green Heroes includeGreen Giant David Suzuki, renowned chimpanzee researcher and conservationist Jane Goodall, race car driver and activist Leilani Munter and innovator Stuart Hickox. These Green Heroes plus many more are ready to roll up their sleeves and step on some toes to get the job done. This series is a selection of great stories about people turning apathy to action.  

Eco Home Adventures

Like many small towns across Canada, Craik Saskatchewan was facing a slow extinction and the future looked bleak. Then they decided to try something really out there. They subdivided an area outside of town and sold the lots for $1 each. There was a catch. You have to build and live there, off the grid. Only green, sustainable housing is allowed, and no power.

Eco-Home Adventures follows the lives of these re-pioneers for over a year as they strive to build something unique, a model community to show that a sustainable village off the grid is possible.

Destination Happiness – Series 3

Follow our roadmap to joy as we uncover insightful, uplifting and inspiring ideas for the mind, body and soul. Give your life an overhaul from the inside out.


Winners$ showcases business leaders as they explain the secrets to their success. Each episode covers a different theme, from property investment and franchisees, to technology.