Drone Wars

Drone pilots and engineers come together to design, build and compete! Follow each team as they tailor make their drone and attempt to conquer ever-changing obstacles in this fast paced elimination tounament. Encounter new challenges and innovative designs in every episode. Losers crash… and winners take the cash!

Connected: How Kevin Bacon Cured Cancer

Connected brings us a new view of the world as we unfold the science behind the popular game ‘Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon’. Based on the idea that anyone on the planet can be connected in just a few steps of association, ‘six-degrees of separation’ was supposedly an urban myth. Connected is a thought provoking examination of an amazing idea that there might be a pervasive law which nature uses to organize itself.

China at High Speed

China At High Speed is a 3 x 60 minute documentary series that gives viewers an inside look into one of the world’s most advanced rail transportation systems – What knowledge and expertise is required to run the largest high-speed rail network? How will this increased connectivity shape Chinese society? Delve deep into the cutting edge technology that builds, operates and maintains China’s massive high-speed rail system. Follow a train enthusiast who travels across China to teach English to rail staff. Break urban-rural migration patterns a new generation of young entrepreneurs return to their village to revive the traditions. With China at High Speed, see how the future of travel is changing along the Silk Road, from rail and beyond.