The Penang Second Bridge Project

The longest bridge in Southeast Asia. Malaysia’s Second Penang Bridge connects Penang Island and the Malaysia Peninsula. It is the largest civil engineering project in the past 20 years in the region. The Penang Second Bridge Project documents the construction of this 16.9km long marine structure and the challenges to the two construction giants faced with this task. Will the competition between them spur-on or delay the construction progress?


Imagine a ride on the first observation wheel constructed using third generation engineering technology.

Imagine no more. In a dramatic, character-driven fashion, “Megawheel” follows an international team of specialists, engineers and designers as they face incredible engineering challenges and a race against time to design, construct and erect the gargantuan wheel smack in the middle of Singapore’s busy central business district.

Make Me a Super

Make Me A Super is an exciting, fun and ballsy science series that attempts to deconstruct the super powers of super heroes and re-construct them using science. Helmed by an eccentric and whacky scientist-host, Doc K, and her intelligent tween sidekick, Nash, Make Me a Super is a science demonstration series that uses the idea of ‘super powers’ to introduce kids to scientific concepts.

The Long March into Space

Inside a spaceship at Jiuquan Launch Facility, three men sit on top of 500 tons of liquid fuel. A controlled explosion will blast them three hundred kilometers into space, and into the record books. This is China’s next great leap into space – an historic mission where one Taikonaut will become the first Chinese man to walk outside the spacecraft.

Life & Science – Season 2

The award-winning series Life & Science takes an entertaining look at the work done by various biologists and their positive impact on human health. The research featured in this series is at the forefront of the life sciences and has led to many ground breaking innovations.

Into the Future

In a future where dramatic climate change and global population explosion threaten to alter the way we live, technology plays a critical role. From the way we commute to the way we communicate, to the way we construct our cities, innovators in science, engineering, and architecture across Asia are engaged in a trillion dollar race.

Hypnosurgery LIVE

In this programme we will meet the patients and practitioners at the cutting edge of hypnosurgery and for the first time ever on television, witness major abdominal surgery attempted with no anaesthetic whatsoever, using only the power of hypnosis.

Human Nature

This series explores the puzzling world of human response: crying, laughing, pain and pleasure. These responses are linked to the brain, of course, but how? By combining intimate stories of individuals with insights from researchers and scientists, the series unravels the mysteries of human reactions giving viewers a deeper understanding of themselves and others.

Episode 1 – The Anatomy of Crying

The episode clarifies this basic human response that we so often take for granted.

Episode 2 – The Anatomy of Pain

The episode reveals how much pain people can endure through the compelling stories of three chronic pain sufferers.

Episode 3 – The Anatomy of Laughter

This episode is filled with information and fun.

Episode 4 – The Anatomy of Pleasure

The episode explores this human response by focusing on the lives of unique individuals and their distinct and sometimes unconventional pleasures.

Einstein’s Brain Unlocked

Upon his autopsy in 1955, Einstein’s brain is said to have been sliced and scattered among researchers around the world. Where are the pieces now? The journey leads to the rediscovery of hundreds of photos taken during the autopsy as well as an individual in possession of over 100 fragments of Einstein’s brain. The data gathered is brought together to build in 3D CGI, Einstein’s brain as it would have been in his 20’s, when he proposed the relativity theory. An extraordinary journey and the latest in neuroscience turn a new page in the story of the genius’s brain. Can the answer to human genius be found in putting back together Einstein’s brain?