Moments In Time

Since the dawn of time, man has drawn history by visualizing the world. From cave paintings to modern-day photography, we have captured our history from Moments In Time.

Photography is a never ending quest, as the world around us is constantly evolving with cultures constantly changing, cities rapidly growing and land retreating to the sea, what is here today might not be there tomorrow. Following the creative process of Elia Locardi’s, one of the most recognized travel photographers of the 21st century as he journeys to the most beautiful and hidden locations around the world learning their cultures, social issues, and ways of life to immortalize the history of today. Combing the thrill of exploration through Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and the Philippines, to Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, and The Czech Republic.

Welcome To Unity

WELCOME TO UNITY is a story filmed by a group of exchange students and local American teens. These exchange students sink their teeth into rural Oregon, while becoming the stars of their high school football team, and simultaneously learn to live the “American Way.” A light-hearted, teen angst film that voyeuristically illustrates that adolescence is a universal experience.

My Classic Car

Featuring classic automobile shows and collections, in the United States, Canada and United Kingdom. With appearances by celebrities and prolific car collectors such as talk show host Jay Leno.

Master Class

The transmission of traditional cultures is not a matter of imitation, but of exploring our roots. Thinking and asking questions, finding the knowledge that has remained unchanged through the test of time, and transforming it into the energy and motivation to deal with the unknown. A contemporary perspective is used to reconnect with, and understand traditional Chinese culture.

Tracing Heritage

Having lived abroad his entire life, host Harry Yuan is back in China, travelling across the country to trace back his heritage along the mighty Yangtze River. He wants to see how this aquatic life-blood provided sustenance to communities and gave rise to settlements that have transformed a nation.

Qinghai – Our National Parks

Presenting a beautiful ecological picture of the harmonious coexistence of man and nature, recreating the ecological landscape of the Sanjiangyuan National Park and Qilian Mountains National Park on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, which maintain the originality and integrity of the natural ecosystem, and revealing the great significance of ecological protection.

Feed Me

Filmmaker Connor Luke Simpson explores the underground —and often misunderstood— subculture known as Feederism. A community where the fatter you are, the sexier you are. Portrayed as a freak show attraction, the community speaks out against the mainstream media and wider society, who have smeared them for decades…
Throughout the film, Connor meets a range of feeders and feedees who have found salvation in their fetish, fat gainers cite a liberating feeling that comes from letting yourself go, as well as promoting the benefits of experimenting with food in the bedroom. But with skyrocketing obesity rates worldwide, critics ask ‘is this too good to be true?’

The Last Descent

Africa’s largest hydroelectric dam will flood 280 km of Ethiopia’s Blue Nile River to provide 80% of Ethiopia’s electricity. Eco-explorers Ben Peters and Charlie Head paddle-board this ancient river one last time – before it is lost forever – navigating uncharted territories and dangerous wildlife as they meet some of the 20,000 people who’ll be affected and learn how they feel about this change.

Last Paddle?

Last Paddle chronicles a life-long commitment to river conservation and restoration around the globe and is clearly a testament to the “power of one”. The film also delves into Mark’s current efforts, including the need to better protect and restore city waterways, understanding the impacts of climate change on rivers, and doing more to conserve the planet’s greatest river environments. In acknowledging Mark’s accomplishments, including the founding of World Rivers Day, Last Paddle makes an eloquent plea to cherish and better care for our life-giving waterways while also offering hopeful insights into how we might attain a more sustainable future.

This inspirational and visually stunning film chronicles the amazing lifetime journey of renowned river advocate Mark Angelo who has paddled more than 1000 rivers in well over 100 countries; perhaps more than any other individual.