Deadliest Survivor

DEADLY animals are found all around the world. Last year almost 5.4 million humans were bitten by snakes. 1000’s of people were attacked by crocodiles. Sharks were another concern with over 100 attacks on humans. Although we are living in an increasingly urbanized world there are still places out there where people and wild animals just don’t mix. Humans are also encroaching on more wild places. We are pushing into the animal’s world and coming face to face with these animals and sometimes it can be deadly. One of the deadliest places in the world is Australia.

Dr. Mitch (Ladyman) is an Australian field biologist, reptile expert and a seasoned veteran of surviving the harsh Australian landscape. There’s nowhere in Australia that he hasn’t been and no animal yet has taken him down. Even after being bitten by one of the worlds most venomous snakes, he survived!

Kingdoms of Fire, Ice & Fairytales

An adventure quest following award-winning TV Presentor Bonné de Bod in search of Earth’s three epic wildernesses. A search for landscapes that inspire awe and wonder, places that are timeless and spaces that reveal what life was like over a million years ago.

The beautiful imagery moves us with untouched, incredible nature, the filmmakers seek out legendary stories on overcoming fear and rejuvenating souls. Reminding us that we are all still connected to where we come from.

Eye in the Sky: Nordic Wonders

Eye in the Sky: Nordic Wonders takes you on a captivating journey across the sweeping landscapes of Iceland, Greenland, Norway, Denmark and Sweden. View castles, historical churches, roaming wildlife and expansive fjords from an aerial perspective while you soar high above the Land of the Midnight Sun. Be mesmerised by breath-taking footage of this diverse area of the world as we take you from glaciers to volcanoes, and from waterfalls to the Aurora Borealis. Follow an array of wildlife who make their home on the ice, the snow and among the icebergs. Gracefully shot using 4K cameras, the view of this unique land is not to be missed. Journey with us as we fly high over the Nordic Wonders.

Eye in the Sky: Africa

Eye in the Sky: Africa gives viewers an amazing bird’s eye view over the very best destinations and experiences across the continent of Africa.

From the Sahara Desert, through the game reserves of the Serengeti, and the veld, Eye in the Sky: South Africa gracefully glides over the continent’s multiple diverse landscapes.

From the marketplaces of Marrakesh to raging waterfalls of the Upper Nile, this programme captures this touch of paradise from a heavenly perspective.

EYE IN THE SKY:  AFRICA has been beautifully filmed with a series of 4K cameras over the length and breadth of this ancient continent, from Morocco and Libya through Ethiopia and Gabon to Tanzania, Kenya and South Africa.

Tibet: Roof of the World

Join us as we explore life on the highest mountain plateau on Earth. This beautiful and other worldly place is also one of the harshest on the planet. We follow the lives of some of the iconic creatures that call it home. From Tibetan wolves struggling to raise pups in the rugged peaks, and rare snub nosed monkeys facing family dramas on the forest slopes to chiru antelopes that travel hundreds of miles to give birth while facing death, and hardy pika who tough out the elements all year, whilst under constant attack. Discover how these extraordinary animals manage to not only survive, but also thrive on the roof of the world. 

Save this Shark

Join Mick Fanning on a journey into the ocean. Of all the animals in the animal kingdom, none can be more crucial on a global scale than sharks! After exploring the plight of the rhino in Africa, it’s now time to look at the ocean and its most crucial of inhabitants. 

Human evolution has created challenges for sharks, and they are being pushed to extinction. Without these keystone species the eco system providing a crucial balance, in our oceans will breakdown. We explore the challenges and deep dive into cutting edge technology and marine science to provide solutions for sharks, our oceans and our planet.

Nest and Beyond

China is home to over 1,300 bird species, including 87 globally threat- ened species. Learn how the avifau- na of China lives and adapts as China develops, and how the humans that live among them care for and utilise these species. Follow China’s Black-tailed gulls and Chinese Egrets as they uncover feeding and breeding sites on uninhabited island – Fantouzi. Observe how these birds grow from fresh hatchlings into younglings ready for their first flights. With nest cameras and drone shots from up high, take an unprece- dented bird’s eye view of their cycle of life.


It takes one tough monkey to survive the wildly different changes in season on Mount Huangshan in China. Follow the journey of monkey adolescence and learn the complex social hierarchy of macaque society in this one-of-a-kind documentary. Observe the behaviours of this near-threatened species up-close and experience the life of the Tibetan macaques over the course of a year, from spring to winter.


No other animal has influenced our lives as much as the horse. Our entire history is indivisibly linked to this animal. This documentary portrays a relationship that goes far beyond what we imagine. Although the use of horses has fallen drastically since the start of the Industrial Revolution, our hearts still beat as one; when we look through their eyes, we see ourselves. When we think of free- dom… of harmony… of beauty… of nobility… of strength… of speed… we think of horses as a reference point… HORSES