Green Heroes Series 2

Green Heroes Series 2 has a new group of heroes who acted on their ideas and boldly ventured forth to address the environmental crisis. Each episode explores a different theme to showcase innovative solutions around various environmental issues. The Green Heroes of Series 2 includes musician and record producer Daniel Lanois, author and conservationist Farley Mowat, and award-winning environmental activist Sophia Rabliauskas.

Green Heroes Series 1

Green Heroes showcases the remarkable stories of people who acted on their ideas to address the environmental crisis. Our Green Heroes includeGreen Giant David Suzuki, renowned chimpanzee researcher and conservationist Jane Goodall, race car driver and activist Leilani Munter and innovator Stuart Hickox. These Green Heroes plus many more are ready to roll up their sleeves and step on some toes to get the job done. This series is a selection of great stories about people turning apathy to action.  

Eco Home Adventures

Like many small towns across Canada, Craik Saskatchewan was facing a slow extinction and the future looked bleak. Then they decided to try something really out there. They subdivided an area outside of town and sold the lots for $1 each. There was a catch. You have to build and live there, off the grid. Only green, sustainable housing is allowed, and no power.

Eco-Home Adventures follows the lives of these re-pioneers for over a year as they strive to build something unique, a model community to show that a sustainable village off the grid is possible.

Destination Happiness – Series 3

Follow our roadmap to joy as we uncover insightful, uplifting and inspiring ideas for the mind, body and soul. Give your life an overhaul from the inside out.


Winners$ showcases business leaders as they explain the secrets to their success. Each episode covers a different theme, from property investment and franchisees, to technology.

Refugee Chef

Typically cuisine is not the first thing to come to mind when people think of Syria, Afghanistan, or Tibet. In Refugee Chef, each episode features real-life people who have escaped wars and civil strife, and survived impossible odds to make their own tale of rags to riches come true. Behind each dish are stories of survival as refugees seek freedom from society in conflict. The culinary diaspora of these countries are slowly changing perceptions by using food in a powerful way. We will see how they struggle to make new lives with their family recipes and how cities have been enriched by their presence.

Village to Villa

You never really know what it’s like to live in another country with a different culture and possibly a different language until you live like locals. For one year, Aussie pet and house sitters Gai and Neil care for everything from a cute stone cottage in the south of France to a magnificent French Chateau. From historic stately mansions in rural England to a grand mountain top villa in Central Italy and everything in between. From a Village to a Villa, their precious pets all need love and attention while their owners are away.

Easy Eats

Hera Te Kurapa is a busy Mumwho wears many different hats, the modern day woman! Working full time, community leader, caterer extraordinaire, and mum to two teenagers – like all parents, she is time poor but has an undeniable love for good quality food and entertaining. Adapting her own special family recipes, and using her love of the land and sea, while utilising minimal ingredients,she recreates quick and easy restaurant quality food at home.Hera shows everyone that cooking restaurant quality meals that taste good as well as leave you feeling good is easy with what they have at home. 


Season 2 finds Charlie Norman and his crew of world-class craftsmen traveling deeper into the hills and hollers of Appalachia in their quest to find long-lost cabins and barns to save.  Armed with plenty of historic-wood, know-how and blended with a little mountain man construction magic, what’s old becomes amazingly new again as these centuries-old structures are carefully disassembled and restored.  For Charlie Norman and his crew, their work represents nothing less than the restoration of the American dream.