The Fireball of Tutankhamun

The extraordinary story of how a mysterious gem in one of Tutankhamun’s necklaces led to the discovery of a dramatic new cosmic threat. Italian archaeologist and geologist Vincenzo de Michele was walking through the Egyptian Museum in Cairo when he spotted a strange, unidentified, yellow-green stone in a piece of jewellery recovered from Tutankhamun’s tomb. When he applied for permission to test the gem, he discovered that it was in fact a type of glass. What’s more he was able to show that the glass was of natural origin, and came from a remote location in the middle of the Great Sand Sea in the Egyptian Sahara. But how and why is this mysterious and beautiful glass scattered about in this area of the desert?

The Solomon Treasures

The discovery in Jerusalem in 2007 of a tomb said to belong to the family of Jesus of Nazareth is just the latest in a long line of extraordinary finds which have recently come to light in the Holy Land. But not all these finds are quite what they seem. Both a stone tablet said to come from the Temple of Solomon, and an ossuary apparently belonging to the brother of Jesus, have been declared fakes. The official investigation then uncovered dozens of other fakes, and attention eventually focussed on one of the most revered objects in Israel: the ivory pomegranate. This artefact has been in the Israel Museum for nearly twenty years. Like the stone tablet, it too was linked to the Temple of Solomon – and astonishingly it too, investigators concluded, was fake. As forensic scientists now turn their attention to the ossuaries from the ‘Jesus family tomb’, Israeli archaeologists are left fearing that history and science is being repeatedly distorted, and they face a challenge to separate fact from fiction.

Guns that Changed the Game

This series takes a fascinating look into Guns That Changed The Game.  It profiles the significant evolution of firearms in modern history and looks back on the guns that proceeded them. Discover the designers who invented them and the pioneering journey that ultimately led to superior firepower. Learn about gun powder, and explore the incredible lifespan of the Colt 45. Examine the Russian AK47 and trace its origins to a German predecessor. Delve into specialist firearms and the conflicts they have served in. It’s a business of patents and profits born from a fear of war; these are the guns that changed the game.

The Past Beneath Us

What stories lay buried beneath the surface, waiting to be revealed? 

200 years on from Raffles’ landing, archaeologists are digging deep and unearthing new artefacts that reshape what we think we know about Singapore. From uncovering evidence of an ancient settlement, to discovering forgotten relics from the lives of people in colonial Singapore and World War 2, they are piecing together new evidence that will paint a story of Singapore over seven centuries. 

In this three-episode series, teams of archaeologists will look to the land and seas for clues to seek out these lost chapters of history that are forgotten by time, only to be uncovered today.

Who Lived in My House?

Who was murdered in our basement, who made love in the back bedroom and who hid under the stairs during the Civil War? How many children were born here and who did they become? The reason most people like historic buildings isn’t just because of their architecture, which can be replicated, it’s knowing that others preceded us, and that lifetimes occurred in our homes. ‘Who Lived in my House?’ sets out to unlock the real stories hidden in our walls.

Tropical Iron

The story of Minor Keith and the construction of the Costa Rican Atlantic Railway in the 19th Century. A seemingly small infrastructure project, laying one hundred miles of track cost the lives of over 4000 men, took nearly 20 years to complete and bankrupted a nation. It resulted in the formation of the United Fruit Company, the largest agricultural enterprise in the world, and the most controversial US company ever to operate in Latin America. UFCO and Minor Keith are still considered the embodiment of US Imperialism by those in Central America, South America and the Caribbean.


Toyland takes you inside the high stakes world of the 23 billion dollar toy industry, where fun and fortune awaits those who know how to get inside the mind of a child.

Meet the people behind the biggest playthings in history as we follow the ups and downs of game designer, Tim Walsh as he tries to takes his own invention to market

From paper to prototype, we follow Walsh along his winding road to Toy Fair, the largest trade show for toys in the western hemisphere, with frustrating pitches to Hasbro, Spin Master, and others along the way.

Will his toy light up the imagination of kids everywhere or never see the light of day?

The War that Changed the World

The series follows the evolution of Mao Zedong’s rise to power, and in turn, how he created a new China. In 1972, Chairman Mao Zedong was not entirely joking when he asked Tanaka Kakuei, the visiting Japanese Prime Minister, whether he should thank him for the invasion – because it had changed the destiny of China.

1916: Easter Rebellion

1916 is a landmark documentary giving a comprehensive overview of the Easter Rising, looking at the enormous impact it had both here and around the world and the crucial role played by Irish America in the lead up to the rebellion.

This landmark documentary examines the 1916 Easter Rising in Dublin and the subsequent events that led to the establishment of an independent Irish State and indirectly to the breakup of the British Empire.